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We have the experience and in-depth knowledge to guide business owners in the successful development of their project: day spas, hotel spas and wellness destinations.
Enjoy the amazing results that come from working with expert professionals who are well-versed in the latest technology innovations and market trends, along with the support of the COPEL Group and our Partners’ operational and strategic networks. Your guarantee of a global, bespoke and optimal solution that draws on the latest technical innovations and developments in the fields of customer experience, marketing and operations.

We offer guidance and actionable solutions in 5 key areas of practice, according to your wishes and needs:

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Market analysis

Project validation

Concept development

Sales and Marketing,

Financial Model…

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operational projections

aligned to your project…

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Assistance in construction…

project management

Support during

the design and

development phases…

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Assistance in opening

and daily operational


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Maximising operations


Business analysis

leading to relevant

and actionable solutions…

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During the pre-design phase, our expertise enables us to conduct market research and feasibility studies at a local level, focusing on the Spa and Wellness markets. So you can identify valid reasons to undertake your project and confirm its potential for success within your organisation and its competitive environment with informed decisions that drive profitability, in terms of space programming, equipment, treatment and service offerings. We will then guide you throughout concept development, draft specifications and the financial model, all aligned to your market strategy and the client experience you wish to provide.

  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Concept development
  • Specifications (Dimensions – Infrastructures – Client journey – Retail and service offerings –…)
  • Financial model
  • Synthesis
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We run simulations and provide fully-detailed operating forecasts that are aligned to your project and include sensitive inputs that reflect identified risks and opportunities. Using tools that we have validated for our own operations, we run bespoke financial projections that meet the demands of the operating environment’s reality. This includes:
The project’s characteristics (seasonality; number of tables; occupancy rates; instantaneous bather load; revenue: retail – treatments – fees charged for access to facilities; etc.).
Payroll optimisation for all positions according to potential business growth.
WCR optimisation.
Operating expenses, EBITDA and operating ratios.
This enables us to run simulations that accurately reflect an operation’s prospective financial performance as well as focus on potentially critical areas in order to calibrate the project with objective data and proven operating ratios.

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We can provide assistance in construction project management for operators, architects, real estate developers, project backers and investors. We guide you in the successful development of your project, from design to completion, putting our technical and operational expertise at your service during the design and development phases of your project. Our role focuses on:
Determining ideal space planning
Evaluating offerings in accordance with the Spa – Wellness Concept to be created and the specifications decided upon by both the architect and equipment suppliers.
Monitoring all stakeholders involved thanks to our in-house project management proficiency and our multidisciplinary team and partners, to guarantee the required level of expertise and efficiency.

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We bring in our experience and know-how when setting up operations. We can provide expert advice and guide you throughout the pre-opening and opening phases, and provide operational support during the first years of operation, in the following areas:

  • Treatment menu and cosmetics.
  • Linen and consumables.
  • Software.
  • Launch marketing strategy.
  • Regulatory framework specific to the Spa industry.
  • Recruitment based on our network and training centre.
  • Formalisation of procedures, Spa and Hotel staff training and development.
  • Implementing and monitoring cosmetic brand training sessions.
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We help maximise performance through the assessments of client experience, operational and financial management, leading to relevant and actionable solutions that will propel business performance forward.

  • Quality and Client Experience Audit
  • Competitor Audit – Benchmarking
  • Sales Audit
  • Financial Audit
  • Organisational and Skills Audit
  • Marketing and Sales Audit

We provide fully-detailed reports with conclusions, recommendations, solutions and suggested strategies for your spa business to prosper.
We guide you throughout the business improvement process and provide staff training that focuses on areas of improvement, including functional organisation of space and the client journey, marketing and sales strategies, HR management and motivation, definition and roll-out of both team and individual goals, measurement and tracking of key performance indicators.

Each project has its specific characteristics; each client faces their own set of needs and challenges. We provide solutions and support services tailored to your project and needs.


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